Whether it is conducting powerful extended meetings or spontaneous Spirit-led operations, Scott  Holtz is boldly heralding forth the new thing God is doing in the earth today!  

Scott was raised in a secular Jewish home and later trained in ancient Biblical literature. He has  gone through a radical metamorphosis since encountering the mysterious realms of God’s glory and  has been sent by His Spirit to encourage and strengthen the world-wide fellowship of believers.


Scott is the Founder of Rivers in the Desert Fellowship and since 1995 has been traveling extensively in North America, Europe and the Middle East conducting extended meetings with powerful visitations of the glory of God. His burning desire is to herald forth with the shofar (trumpet) of God, that we are now in the beginning stages of an unprecedented visitation of the glory of God upon planet Earth. These upcoming rendezvous’ he is urgently leading God’s warriors into…will be something so unprecedented, unparalleled, and unpredictable that it will utterly astonish and perplex our civilization. And it will eventually culminate in the day of the sudden return of the Messiah in all His glory and splendor likened as a sudden “River in the Desert” (see Isaiah 59)!

To accomplish this task the Holy Spirit has commissioned him with a special array of anointings that suddenly springs forth cutting-edge messages; spontaneous windward music; and rapid tactical operations against evil. These messages and operations, which are clustered together with these sudden “flashfloods” of the Spirit of God, bring people into fervency for the Messiah; an impassioned love for one another; and a unique accompaniment of powerful miracles, signs, and wonders of heavenly origin.